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Discover swift answers to the most commonly asked questions about your stay at Villa Lettonia.

What is the internet speed in the hotel? How much does it cost to connect at a good speed? arrow faq
The hotel's internet is fiber-optic, today's speed is 150 mbit/s, you have a personal connection in your room to the closed local network (Apart#). You can use the open high-speed network Villa Lettonia Guest throughout the hotel territory.
Can I connect my music in the room and a channel for watching movies (Apple TV, for example)? arrow faq
Yes, you can, using your personal account. On our Smart TV panels, you will be able to view any of your favorite content.
What channels are available on the TV? arrow faq
Our policy is to give you the opportunity to relax. We have connected only entertainment resources: YouTube Premium and Netflix. You can access other content using your own accounts.
How do you protect nature at the hotel from an environmental cleanliness perspective? arrow faq
1. We have eliminated plastic bottles: we offer you two small glass bottles so that you can use them throughout your stay in our hotel and refill them with water from our freely provided containers.
2. We do not use disposable plastic dishes, straws, spoons, or bags.
3. Our bathroom amenities are in large containers, and we refill them as they are used.
4. We change the bedding once every three days, unless you request a more frequent schedule (for an additional fee) or a less frequent change.
5. We have a 'smart' hotel that automatically saves electricity, turns off lights, heated floors, and air conditioning to maintain the microclimate you set in the rooms.
Do you have a pool? arrow faq
Yes, there is a small but very modern outdoor pool with a cascade and a three-stage cleaning and conditioning system on the third-floor terrace. The pool temperature is about 30 degrees Celsius. It is open from the end of May to mid-September.
How much does it cost to visit the pool, and how can I get there? arrow faq
For hotel guests, pool visits are free and available around the clock. However, we ask for your understanding and to sign a waiver at registration taking full responsibility for your and your children's stay on the open terrace and in the pool. Please do not leave children unattended in the pool. We offer excellent modern comfortable loungers and chairs with soft mattresses, and we provide you with beach blue towels (which you can take with you to the pool and to the sea beach).
What facilities do you have on the hotel premises? arrow faq
We have a beautiful garden with designer lighting in the evening, flower beds and lawns, covered and open relaxation areas (tables, chairs, armchairs, small tables, bar tables, and chairs) for breakfast and leisure outside. In the summer, we open the lobby and kitchen for direct access to the garden. You can hold an event on our site, have lunch or dinner by candlelight. The territory is closed with a code lock.
Is there parking available at the hotel, and how much does it cost? arrow faq
We do not allow cars to enter our territory for the convenience of guests. But opposite the hotel (within the sight of our cameras), you can park for free. To transport suitcases, bags, and garment bags, we have a wonderful luggage trolley. Please remember you shall pay road toll to enter Jurmala (3 euros for entry), which must be paid before 24:00 on the day of entry: through apps, parking meters, or on the website. Our staff will always help you. The fee is valid until you leave Jūrmala. Parking throughout the city is free.
Can people with disabilities stay at the hotel? arrow faq
We are proud that a person in a wheelchair can move from the gate to the lobby and their room independently: we have no thresholds, and the toilet and shower on the first floor are equipped according to standards for unhindered movement and use of equipment for people with disabilities. We have a modern spacious elevator.
Can I come with pets? arrow faq
Unfortunately, no. We are a small Boutique Hotel and believe that the peace of our guests is paramount. Especially since the coast of Jūrmala is closed for walks with dogs of any size at any time.
Do you offer breakfast, and how much does it cost? arrow faq
We do not prepare breakfast, but we have a fully equipped kitchen with refrigerators, stoves, sinks, an oven, and a microwave, dishes, and kitchen utensils so you can eat your prepared food at the hotel. Before breakfast, around 9:30, we offer you the best croissants in Jūrmala (with cheese, almond praline, or chocolate) as a compliment.
Do you have coffee machines in the rooms? arrow faq
Yes, every room, as well as the lobby and kitchen, has Nespresso coffee machines. We offer you two coffee capsules as a compliment in the rooms (with caffeine and decaffeinated with a red circle). At any time, you can buy additional coffee in the lobby or bring your Nespresso-compatible capsules. We also have three types of tea (boiling water also from the coffee machine): black, green, and chamomile. In the rooms, there is sugar and an empty creamer (you buy milk or cream yourself; we are against powdered substitutes). Every day we treat you with Latvian candies.
Where can we get additional water? arrow faq
We place glass carafes with water from Latvian springs Zakumuiza in the rooms, and two glass bottles of water. The same water is filled in the coffee machines. You can refill the carafe and bottles in the lobby at any time for free and not buy plastic bottles. For a walk, we can provide you with special reusable thermoses and bottles upon request.
How do you change towels? arrow faq
If you think it's time to change towels and napkins, throw them on the bathroom floor; we will check and replace them daily. If you use them, hang them on the towel dryer so they dry.
Do you have a wake-up call service? arrow faq
No. But we have installed silent quartz alarm clocks in the rooms so you can put your mobile phones away and get a good night's sleep in our beautiful Jūrmala microclimate.
Do you have a SPA? arrow faq
Yes, we have a small cozy and excellently equipped SPA cabinet for massages and cosmetic procedures by appointment (on the website during reservation or with the manager by phone or at reception). The full current menu of procedures is on the website and in your rooms (in the info booklet and brochures).
Can we come with children? Are there any extra places for children, and do you have baby cots and chairs? arrow faq
Yes, you can come with children who either do not yet walk and are fully under your supervision or are already able to behave like adults. We love children, but since children are different, we do not specify an age, the only and main requirement is that they behave sensibly and like adults (do not run through flower beds, do not play with a ball on the territory, do not jump into the shallow pool, do not scream, do not break and do not dirty furniture, do not jump on sofas in shoes, clean up their toys in the children's corner, do not disturb adults, etc.).
What can be done in Jūrmala in terms of active recreation? arrow faq
Jūrmala offers more than 30 km of flat pedestrian beach all year round, the best sport is walking! You can rent premium bicycles from us (including electric ones) or rent them on the neighboring street for any period. Jūrmala has wonderful bicycle paths and parks. We provide you with free beach towels (the beach is literally across the road!) and blankets for the sand, if necessary – beach shoes. You can also rent sun loungers on the beach. It is best to sunbathe on our terrace – there is no sand, it's quiet and warm because the parapet protects you from the wind. Your room with a shower is nearby.
Will I be able to work at the hotel during the vacation? arrow faq
In addition to your rooms, under the glass roof on the third floor, there is a bar counter where up to 6 people can work simultaneously. You can also seclude yourself in the garden and on the terrace, where the internet works.
If I want to celebrate a birthday and rent the entire hotel, how many guests can be accommodated in the rooms at maximum, and for how many people can we set the table? arrow faq
The hotel can accommodate a maximum of 14 adults (infants in a baby cot and children/adults on two available folding beds are not included in this number). Keep in mind that not every room can accommodate an extra folding bed. On the first floor in the lobby and the bar, we can organize tables for a maximum of 20 people or a buffet for 30. In the summer outdoors in good weather without rain – seated receptions for 30 people and buffets for up to 50 people. For renting our equipment and completely closing it for external booking, we will ask for an additional fee agreed with the General Manager and a deposit. We have experience working with the best catering companies and restaurants. We have installed speakers outside, in the lobby, and on the terrace for musical accompaniment.
Do you offer laundry and dry cleaning services? arrow faq
We have a beautifully equipped laundry and ironing room on the first floor, where you can wash your laundry and clothes yourself if you stay with us for a long time. We can also take (for an additional fee) your laundry to the dry cleaner or for repair. Or you can do it yourself – it's just a two-minute walk to the shopping center, store, dry cleaner, pharmacy, cinema, beauty salon.
Where can one have a delicious breakfast in Jūrmala? arrow faq
We are located in the very heart of Jūrmala, just a few steps away from the central pedestrian street Jomas with numerous restaurants and cafes. Also, a couple of minutes away from the two largest hotels in Jūrmala (5 and 4 stars) with traditional buffet breakfasts. Our experience with tourists shows that people prefer to change breakfast places and sometimes want to prepare it themselves – and we offer to do this in our modern kitchen.